Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming of the bunny wrap.

Carmen received a special gift from Santa Paws this year. We call it a "Bunny Wrap". Its like she is being pampered at a little doggy spa. I swear, she is soooo spoiled, I cant even believe it. I mean, the way she acts with this thing, like she is oh so entitled.

I will post a photo soon, but basically it is a rabbit, who when you un velcro it, and flatten it out, it gives the appearance of one of those bear skin rugs with the head attached, only its a rabbit. Your can open the stomach part and remove a sack of those little beads that you microwave and it gets all warm and you can use it as a heating know what I mean right? Well anyway, You microwave this thing, stick it back into the bunny and close the bunny tummy up and the dogs lay on the bunny and its warm. Carmen likes to lay UNDER it, closer to the heat source I guess. So, weve started to wrap it around her shoulders and she hunkers down under it, in complete doggy bliss.

And God help the other dog or cat who even LOOKS at her bunny wrap. She has shown teeth over this particular item. She is in love....I think she obsessed. I will post pictures of her majesty with her bunny wrap soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Family Member...

Today my wonderful husband surprised me with a belated birthday gift...and his name is Dexter. I have said for a very long time now that I wanted a wired haired dachshund, and T got me one. He is four years old and was returned to his breeder because his owner could no longer keep him. So, he is mine now and he is precious. I dont think he ever did stairs, because he acted like he had no clue how to go up or down, but we got it now.....I am very happy. We were a three dog family for a long time, and then my old beloved Marco passed away. We have been a two dog family for about two years now...until now. Dexter is fitting in quite well, and Carmen has permitted him to stay. Even picky Joey has given his seal approval. So here is Dexter, first before we took him to the groomer, and then after.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess clinches victory in 1st heat (race..not like "in" heat.)

Well..many people had smiles put on their faces today due to the wiener princess and about 60 other dachshunds in our area. Over $400 was made and donated to the animal rescue in the area;all registration fees and donations went to help homeless dogs and cats. AND believe it or not WE had a victory of our own. Carmen was racer#3 and was in the first heat...and she WON!!!! She did NOT cause a ruckus, well, anywhere there is more than one dachshund, there is bound to be a ruckus, but at least she wasnt the cause of it, as I was sure she would be. The video below of the race has me having tunnel vision focusing only on Carmen with the camera, so I THOUGHT that one of the dogs has run down to the finish line and won, and that Carmen was second..what I DIDNT see was that that dog turned around 3/4 of the way there, and came back to the starting line. He became distracted by the others, and Carmen decided to go toward the finish line and toward daddy, albeit SLOWLY...but at least she went down there, and won!!!! She went to the semi finals and lost, but not without the help of an IDIOT. I feel an open letter coming on, in fact. This moron...put her hand down into the racing track, and so Carmen stopped, and the woman, instead of realizing her interference and withdrawing her hand just LEFT it there to pet Carmen. I wanted to strangler her. What a jack ass. Anyway, it was a great day, saw some beautiful dogs, raised money for a good cause and the princess was able to mingle with her public. We saw some freaks and some idiots, which is always fun. Now without further ado, some videos and pics of our day.

Some pre race conditioning...

The registration line...

Pre race reflection.....

The video below is Carmen's meet and greet. They had a classic car show in honor of her as she is just walking around visiting her admirers. The band was playing "Brown Eyed Girl" for her too.

The kids enjoyed some "hot dogs" in her was freezing outside today.

The starting line...S is holding her back...

Here is the 1st heat that she won. Ignore me...proof that I should never be a professional commentator or be allowed to shoot footage of ANYTHING...she came in first, not second, I just didnt know it.

Here she is after the race, on the way tired.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giggling in church

When you own a wiener dog, they penetrate every aspect of your life. Even those that are supposed to be serious during serious times.

We were in church on Sunday and singing. My dear husband leaned over to me and said: "This song is about Carmen". I was looking at the lyrics of the song, which were projected onto the wall, and then I looked at the title.


I was doing the silent laugh, and trying to keep my eyes from watering..and man did my stomach hurt.

I went home and looked up the word Doxology. It means a lyrical praise to God. That is good to know, but Im afraid it wont help...the next time we sing it, I will be thinking of HER. Thanks honey.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Countdown to weiner princess's racing debut.

Well, the princess is insisting that she is included in weiner dog races that are happening across the country this month. Next week we will be pushing aside football and soccer games to indulge her majesty. She will be racing. Or at least she we will be there participating in her own little way. I'll eat my own face if she actually runs towards the finish line. Tom says she will cause a ruckus..and I am agreeing with that.

Im thinking bringing a guinea pig or hamster or kitten to the finish line may just intice her to actually run towards the finish line. I think thats probably against the rules though. Whatever happens it will be interesting. All proceeds go to the area animal shelter, so thats good.

So seven more does one prepare a weiner dog for a race? The answer to that is you dont. Even if there was a way, there is no way to get them to comply, their stubborness is as thick as their squatty little paws.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Lettr to naybors weth catz

Deer naybors acros the stret,

Yor catz r bugging me. U hav two miny, they r evryware and r vary noizy. If I culd get out ov my howse by myself I wuld eat them. They wacke me up at nite becuz they fite, and it frustrats me becuz I cant git them. Plees put them in the howse, or send them away. If U do not, then I will hav to go to extreems. U dont want that, do U?

Carmen, the Wiener Princess.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Because Im completely nuts, Im always pondering our next dog. We used to be a three dog house, and occasionly up to a five dog house (if you count rescues we bring in and rehome), and so Im not beyond adding another dog to the family.

This is something my OCD brain loves to obsess about, even though it may not become reality any time soon. My husband says our plate is FULL. And he is probably right. It doesnt stop me from dreaming however.

I have been studying dog breeds since I was able to read. Ive changed my mind a million times over the coarse of my life on what I want. Well, because I like almost all of them. I KNOW they arent all good for children and without going into detail I HATE when people insinuate that I dont know.

Im not sure why all this even matters because for years now we havent CHOSEN our dogs anyway, we rescued them and fell in love and kept them. It just HAPPENED, and aside from some food guarding and JRT crazy jumping, and puppy hating...things have been great. We LOVE our dogs. Although we will more than likely accidently end up with another of some unknown type, I like to dream and obsess about what I would choose If I got to choose. The other possibility (a rather strong one) is that we will just go to a shelter and get one. One thing I dream about doing is going on a trip to the Best Friends Animal Society and getting a dog there.

In the meantime I will humor myself....The kids and I have been watching a lot of Breed All About it and Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, so we have been eyeing all kinds of breeds. Some of my favorites are Dobermans, Rottweilers (I am a previous Rottie owner, so I know all about them), and Bull know breeds that have received bad reps due to misinformation, bad breeding, bad handling etc. I also like Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a various assortment of Hounds (my favorite AKC group, by the way). If we ever did do this of course I would study them even further before making a final decision. Im just sayin....Im obsessing and its fun. Of course more wiener dogs is always a possibility. Although, Id kind of like something more for the kids to romp with.

Joey will not be happy, and so I would have my work cut out for me if it was a puppy, but it can be done. Carmen wont mind because it is just one more subject for her to order around.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Food Guarding Royalty

Its a good thing that her majesty didnt really have a bunch of hungry peasants to feed, because Im afraid it would be very ugly. If you are reading this because you are researching doxies, KNOW THIS: They are food possessive. Luckily, our kids were told this from day one, so they dont mess with her bowl of chow. I, however, as you will see in the video below, do. Only because its mildly amusing to me how she will lay near a full bowl of food and seem completely uninterested, UNTIL someone else goes near it. She has ripped cat fur out of the cat over a few nuggets of kibbel. She is serious about her food folks. If you have a child who will not stay away from the dog bowl, such as an infant who doesnt know any better, or a child who just doesnt listen, then either feed the doxie somewhere away from everyone and monitor the situation or...choose another breed. Do not be fooled by the seemingly disinterested dog laying near the food dish. It is a trap.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open letter to the jerks who beat me to it....

Dear jerks,

You think you are pretty cool dont you? You think that you are just so smart, right? I know you saw me looking at that "free-two female dachshunds, 16 months old-must go together" flyer on the window of the mini mart. You saw me look, rub my chin, and get in my car and leave. I suppose you wasted no time running up to the window and calling the number on your cell phone. Well, let me just say that some of us are indentured servants to the wiener princess, and her right hand man (my husband), and have to actually get PERMISSION before we make such a move. I know too, that you were watching me as I returned later with husband to show him the flyer. You watched as I recoiled in horror to find the flyer gone. Gone. Just an empty space on the window framed by the gum of the tape that used to hold the flyer up. I just hope you are happy. Let me warn you; I better not find out that you took those two precious pups home to your unruly children who will handle them wrong, hurt thier backs and then discard them (the dogs not the children) outside to be "outside" dogs. Oh, and dont let me find out that you turned around and SOLD these two "who must go together" for 400.OO a peice, to seperate homes. Whoa to you if I find out. You have been warned.

Spokeswoman for the Princess.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cuteness Overload

Im about to pass out from too much cute in one picture. Ok, the tiger cub is cute, BUT that wire haired doxie is too much for me to handle. Especially since I cant have one. Its driving me nuts. The princess wont permit it at this time. It would take entirely too much attention away from her, and she doesn't roll like that.
So, I live vicarously through pictures. This just kills me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wiener (tooth) Extraction

So, things have been a little quiet here on the weiner princess blog. There is a good reason for that. She went to the dr. the other day, and aside from charming the scrubs off the dr and the staff, she had her little toofers cleaned. In the process she had two teef pulled. So, she is on pain meds and anti biotics, and of course we are all working around the clock here to ensure her comfort and happiness. She insists.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

La Reina dice, "Feliz Cinco De Mayo"

She claims just did this "for the children"..she actually hates anything that might provoke the presence of salsa, because then she has to guard her cornchip smelling paws. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its all about me (and if its not, it will be)

So, I have posted a little video to show how her majesty will direct any attention to her, no matter what else is going on. In the video our rescue Bailey and my dog Joey are playing tug of war. Its very cute, and Bailey's pup Lucy is there as well as Marco, who is in the background avoiding action as usual. So, there are five dogs in the house, and evidentally Carmen must resort to feighning choking to get our attention off the "others" and onto her. You know what? It worked...she became the center of attention; thought the camera was not ON her, it was away from the others...she won, as she usually does.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amphibian vs. Canine vs. Human

For days now I have been attempting to upload a really amusing video of carmen arguing with a frog outside...but I cant get the video to load. I hate technology..anyway, she was outside supposedly to go potty, but instead she was arguing with a frog, Im not kidding. It went like this:

C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet
C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet
C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet...

You get the idea. It was after midnight, and I wanted her to come in, so I could go to bed. I had to use my exorcist voice (which you could hear on the video) to try anhd get her to shut up and come in, but she ignored that too. Anyway, its amusing and I finally got it to load! There is nothing to see except at the very end...its the audio that is important anyway, so turn it up...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doxie holding one o one.

So, this is the proper way to hold a dachshund, according to her majesty. It is efficient for long bodies and short squatty paws. You have the front and back foot dangle, for the publics enjoyment, everyone likes to oooh and awww about those wrinkle infested paws. Also, the paw has another purpose, its to waft it corn chip scent around for others, and them being closer to the admirer's nose really helps this. The most important thing about this doxie hold is that the wiener's head is near your own, best for maximum kissage. Oh, and the tummy supporting arm, is key too. Happy holding.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Proof!!! Pictures dont lie.

So, I argue all the time with my husband about the evil nature of Carmen sometimes. He says its not true, that she is an angel. I say, "yes, whose halo, is held up by horns". It is true and now I have the pictures to prove it.....exhibit 1: The horns are pointed out for your convienience by the red arrows.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun bathing.... something, I personally do not partake in. I mean I go OUT in the sun, but I dont sit or lay in it just to do it, because Im pale, and I burn....Carmen, on the other hand has been known to push objects, such as laptops, or what have you onto the floor, if the sliver of sun is on the couch or side table, and she wants it. She really is like a lizard, maybe I should buy her one of those heat rocks, or a heat lamp...I better not suggest it, then she will be demanding it. She will do ANYTHING to get into the sun as it beams its way into the room. She has even pushed her brother out of the way of HER sunshine. Absolutely nothing is safe. Here is a picture of her engaged in one of her favorite activities. That other dog in there is her brother (*lowering voice to whisper* he is MY dog Joey, and I LOVE him, my husband thinks Carmen is HIS, but she will be owned by no one, HE is HERS)...this is where she can usually be found, that and guarding her food dish (a whole 'nother post on its own).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Komoto Dragon-Wiener Dog link...

...I think there really is one. You would too if you saw what I saw the other day on Animal Planet. Here's the deal, put food out and you will see the similarity...its glaring. This show was showing this pack (?warren,flock, pride, gaggle, whatever you call Komoto dragons en mass) of Komotos and they had put some prey or food or whatever out, and these things came running. I sat watching it, and I actually said: "AWWWWWW". They are big ugly lizards, and Im having a cute episode over them...and I was confused until I became conscious of the weight against my leg..her majesty. Then it all made sense (to me anyway and maybe to my two loyal readers, because they understand the corn chip thing after all). When I put the food out for the dogs, Carmen comes running and LOOKS LIKE A KOMOTO DRAGON RUNNING FOR FOOD. Im serious....Think about it...low to the ground, with little short bowed legs, and long bodies. They are related, Im convinced now.

Your party...but Im in charge!

When you are lucky enough to have a doxie, you come to the realization that nothing is really about YOU or anyone else in the about them, just ask them! It was S's birthday and as you can see in the picture, it was really Carmen that was in charge and in control. It was HER day because they are ALL her days and the sooner us common folk realize that, the better off we we ALL be...oh, and those toys...hers. It all belongs to her, we are simply allowed to use it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Someone help me...I cant stop.

So, I have this problem. Everytime Im near her majesty, and my hands arent busy with something else, I feel compelled to "pull" on her ears. Just you know, not hard, but wrap my hand around her ear and very gently tug and let the velvet soft cartlidge (or whatever the heck its made out these days) run through my hands.I.cant.stop. Its like that stupid bubble wrapping stuff, if its there you have to pop all the little bubbles. Or like the absolute necessity of counting every single slat in the blinds of a room before you leave the room...what? Oh, that must just be me. Anyway, I have a problem, and now Ive admitted the problem and will be checking myself into Wiener Willows, Doxie ear and tushy recovery center. I hope you all will write me, just dont send me any Doxie pictures, because they arent allowed. Thank you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not the game, me.

This is what happens at the palace when kids try to play a card game and it doesnt involve her majesty, especially when the sun is shining through the windows. She inserts herself in the middle..NO ONE will play, especiallly in HER sunshine.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wiener Child Reading Material Monitor

Carmen during her daily inspection of some of the small humans books. Of course the bottom shelf gets all the attention.

Segment One, Segment Two

So, one of the joys in the life of someone who gets to reside in the same house as the princess is the stretch. The doxie stretch is like no other doggie stretch. Why? Because it lasts longer. Its divided see, first she leans back and stretchers her little front stubs, to which everyone in the house says out loud:


Then she leans foward, lowering her pelvis to the ground, much like a yoga move, and stretches the back half of her body, and everybody says:


Its quite the family event. Even the six year old boy says it. He's not sure what a segment is, but its what we say...I wish I had a picture of the two stages of stretch. Perhaps that will be a project, if her majesty approves, that is.

The cursory bark...

Im not even sure if that is the right word or not, cursory. I suppose if I was a good wiener princess servant I would look it up, but the truth is I just LIKE to say it. It seems to fit.

Anyway the princess, is oh so important in her eyes (and everyone else's under this roof) that she does a cursory bark the minute she steps paw out on the deck. The door opens, she waddles her way out, and before there is even TIME to see or hear something that may be disturbing to her, she barks. Every.time. Just one bark. Her little red butt clears the door way and you could bet your right eyeball its going to happen: Yap.

Just once. THEN she goes down the stairs (her escalator is not finished yet) and goes about her doggie business, whatever that may entail at the time.

This cursory bark is like an announcement really. It says:

Hello World, I am here. All is well...carry on.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wiener Extraction

Due to extreme wind and rain, the princess was rather hesitant to get out of bed this morning. hesitant isnt the right word. She had to be pulled out of the bed. Although she is the princess, she does have to do her "business" outside, and she was less than thrilled about going "out there".

This is not a new thing to the princess..we, myself and Carmen's head servant, T, to whom I am married, call this "extracting". It is often a topic of our first conversations in the morning.
"...yeah, today was an extraction day." or "..I had to extract this morning".

We are drawing up plans now for a covered potty area. with heat lamps and a heated ground...completely lined with rose bushes and a fountain in her likeness.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ode to "sweet n low", the weiner princess

To sing when we are away from the princess. Sing to the tune of "Oh Donna" by Richie Valens.

I have a girl, and Carmen was her name (doo doo doo doo)
Since Ive had her, I'll never be the same,
'cause I love my girl...oh Carmen, where could you be...
Too far from me...

Oh Carmen, oh Carmen, oh Carmen...(fade out)

Here she is with A, one of her loyalist subjects. He is loyal in proclaiming to all who near or far that she is "the cutest one..."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sincerest heart felt apologizes (as ordered from her majesty)

Carmen visiting with a subject at a pool party we had: Here she is wearing a lei at a luao that we threw in her honor Here she is playing with puppy Peyton in her garden: Here she is with some of her subjects (These are actually her brothers Joey and Marco) We came dangerously close to beheading the day we took her through the automatic car wash: