Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giggling in church

When you own a wiener dog, they penetrate every aspect of your life. Even those that are supposed to be serious during serious times.

We were in church on Sunday and singing. My dear husband leaned over to me and said: "This song is about Carmen". I was looking at the lyrics of the song, which were projected onto the wall, and then I looked at the title.


I was doing the silent laugh, and trying to keep my eyes from watering..and man did my stomach hurt.

I went home and looked up the word Doxology. It means a lyrical praise to God. That is good to know, but Im afraid it wont help...the next time we sing it, I will be thinking of HER. Thanks honey.


Heather Cherry said...


That made me laugh right out loud. I mean it, I totally LOLLED!

Your hubby is so awesome.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks. I think you are the only one who reads this blog:) I appreciate your comments too...but I still miss your blog..It was my all time favorite!