Monday, August 23, 2010

Im a liar and a hoarder? of the "bunny wrap" are NOT coming soon. The pre mentioned bunny wrap is now ripped to shreds. Its missing an eye and it is no longer very white. The inside "warming" thing has been tossed in the interest of safety. Why you ask?

The reason is black and tan with I what I swear is a mouth with three rows of teeth in a shark. You can hear his snapping teeth down the hall way when he is playing...

He is nine months old and we have had him for about five of these months. His name is Rocky and yes, I am nuts. Thank you. He is weiner (a standard this time) and so now we have THREE wiens and one terrier. We are done. I swear, we are......

Oh and the princess? She loooooves him. She is in love. Ok, and so I am I.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming of the bunny wrap.

Carmen received a special gift from Santa Paws this year. We call it a "Bunny Wrap". Its like she is being pampered at a little doggy spa. I swear, she is soooo spoiled, I cant even believe it. I mean, the way she acts with this thing, like she is oh so entitled.

I will post a photo soon, but basically it is a rabbit, who when you un velcro it, and flatten it out, it gives the appearance of one of those bear skin rugs with the head attached, only its a rabbit. Your can open the stomach part and remove a sack of those little beads that you microwave and it gets all warm and you can use it as a heating know what I mean right? Well anyway, You microwave this thing, stick it back into the bunny and close the bunny tummy up and the dogs lay on the bunny and its warm. Carmen likes to lay UNDER it, closer to the heat source I guess. So, weve started to wrap it around her shoulders and she hunkers down under it, in complete doggy bliss.

And God help the other dog or cat who even LOOKS at her bunny wrap. She has shown teeth over this particular item. She is in love....I think she obsessed. I will post pictures of her majesty with her bunny wrap soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Family Member...

Today my wonderful husband surprised me with a belated birthday gift...and his name is Dexter. I have said for a very long time now that I wanted a wired haired dachshund, and T got me one. He is four years old and was returned to his breeder because his owner could no longer keep him. So, he is mine now and he is precious. I dont think he ever did stairs, because he acted like he had no clue how to go up or down, but we got it now.....I am very happy. We were a three dog family for a long time, and then my old beloved Marco passed away. We have been a two dog family for about two years now...until now. Dexter is fitting in quite well, and Carmen has permitted him to stay. Even picky Joey has given his seal approval. So here is Dexter, first before we took him to the groomer, and then after.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess clinches victory in 1st heat (race..not like "in" heat.)

Well..many people had smiles put on their faces today due to the wiener princess and about 60 other dachshunds in our area. Over $400 was made and donated to the animal rescue in the area;all registration fees and donations went to help homeless dogs and cats. AND believe it or not WE had a victory of our own. Carmen was racer#3 and was in the first heat...and she WON!!!! She did NOT cause a ruckus, well, anywhere there is more than one dachshund, there is bound to be a ruckus, but at least she wasnt the cause of it, as I was sure she would be. The video below of the race has me having tunnel vision focusing only on Carmen with the camera, so I THOUGHT that one of the dogs has run down to the finish line and won, and that Carmen was second..what I DIDNT see was that that dog turned around 3/4 of the way there, and came back to the starting line. He became distracted by the others, and Carmen decided to go toward the finish line and toward daddy, albeit SLOWLY...but at least she went down there, and won!!!! She went to the semi finals and lost, but not without the help of an IDIOT. I feel an open letter coming on, in fact. This moron...put her hand down into the racing track, and so Carmen stopped, and the woman, instead of realizing her interference and withdrawing her hand just LEFT it there to pet Carmen. I wanted to strangler her. What a jack ass. Anyway, it was a great day, saw some beautiful dogs, raised money for a good cause and the princess was able to mingle with her public. We saw some freaks and some idiots, which is always fun. Now without further ado, some videos and pics of our day.

Some pre race conditioning...

The registration line...

Pre race reflection.....

The video below is Carmen's meet and greet. They had a classic car show in honor of her as she is just walking around visiting her admirers. The band was playing "Brown Eyed Girl" for her too.

The kids enjoyed some "hot dogs" in her was freezing outside today.

The starting line...S is holding her back...

Here is the 1st heat that she won. Ignore me...proof that I should never be a professional commentator or be allowed to shoot footage of ANYTHING...she came in first, not second, I just didnt know it.

Here she is after the race, on the way tired.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Giggling in church

When you own a wiener dog, they penetrate every aspect of your life. Even those that are supposed to be serious during serious times.

We were in church on Sunday and singing. My dear husband leaned over to me and said: "This song is about Carmen". I was looking at the lyrics of the song, which were projected onto the wall, and then I looked at the title.


I was doing the silent laugh, and trying to keep my eyes from watering..and man did my stomach hurt.

I went home and looked up the word Doxology. It means a lyrical praise to God. That is good to know, but Im afraid it wont help...the next time we sing it, I will be thinking of HER. Thanks honey.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Countdown to weiner princess's racing debut.

Well, the princess is insisting that she is included in weiner dog races that are happening across the country this month. Next week we will be pushing aside football and soccer games to indulge her majesty. She will be racing. Or at least she we will be there participating in her own little way. I'll eat my own face if she actually runs towards the finish line. Tom says she will cause a ruckus..and I am agreeing with that.

Im thinking bringing a guinea pig or hamster or kitten to the finish line may just intice her to actually run towards the finish line. I think thats probably against the rules though. Whatever happens it will be interesting. All proceeds go to the area animal shelter, so thats good.

So seven more does one prepare a weiner dog for a race? The answer to that is you dont. Even if there was a way, there is no way to get them to comply, their stubborness is as thick as their squatty little paws.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Lettr to naybors weth catz

Deer naybors acros the stret,

Yor catz r bugging me. U hav two miny, they r evryware and r vary noizy. If I culd get out ov my howse by myself I wuld eat them. They wacke me up at nite becuz they fite, and it frustrats me becuz I cant git them. Plees put them in the howse, or send them away. If U do not, then I will hav to go to extreems. U dont want that, do U?

Carmen, the Wiener Princess.