Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming of the bunny wrap.

Carmen received a special gift from Santa Paws this year. We call it a "Bunny Wrap". Its like she is being pampered at a little doggy spa. I swear, she is soooo spoiled, I cant even believe it. I mean, the way she acts with this thing, like she is oh so entitled.

I will post a photo soon, but basically it is a rabbit, who when you un velcro it, and flatten it out, it gives the appearance of one of those bear skin rugs with the head attached, only its a rabbit. Your can open the stomach part and remove a sack of those little beads that you microwave and it gets all warm and you can use it as a heating know what I mean right? Well anyway, You microwave this thing, stick it back into the bunny and close the bunny tummy up and the dogs lay on the bunny and its warm. Carmen likes to lay UNDER it, closer to the heat source I guess. So, weve started to wrap it around her shoulders and she hunkers down under it, in complete doggy bliss.

And God help the other dog or cat who even LOOKS at her bunny wrap. She has shown teeth over this particular item. She is in love....I think she obsessed. I will post pictures of her majesty with her bunny wrap soon.