Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its all about me (and if its not, it will be)

So, I have posted a little video to show how her majesty will direct any attention to her, no matter what else is going on. In the video our rescue Bailey and my dog Joey are playing tug of war. Its very cute, and Bailey's pup Lucy is there as well as Marco, who is in the background avoiding action as usual. So, there are five dogs in the house, and evidentally Carmen must resort to feighning choking to get our attention off the "others" and onto her. You know what? It worked...she became the center of attention; thought the camera was not ON her, it was away from the others...she won, as she usually does.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amphibian vs. Canine vs. Human

For days now I have been attempting to upload a really amusing video of carmen arguing with a frog outside...but I cant get the video to load. I hate technology..anyway, she was outside supposedly to go potty, but instead she was arguing with a frog, Im not kidding. It went like this:

C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet
C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet
C: Ruff
Frog: Ribbet...

You get the idea. It was after midnight, and I wanted her to come in, so I could go to bed. I had to use my exorcist voice (which you could hear on the video) to try anhd get her to shut up and come in, but she ignored that too. Anyway, its amusing and I finally got it to load! There is nothing to see except at the very end...its the audio that is important anyway, so turn it up...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doxie holding one o one.

So, this is the proper way to hold a dachshund, according to her majesty. It is efficient for long bodies and short squatty paws. You have the front and back foot dangle, for the publics enjoyment, everyone likes to oooh and awww about those wrinkle infested paws. Also, the paw has another purpose, its to waft it corn chip scent around for others, and them being closer to the admirer's nose really helps this. The most important thing about this doxie hold is that the wiener's head is near your own, best for maximum kissage. Oh, and the tummy supporting arm, is key too. Happy holding.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Proof!!! Pictures dont lie.

So, I argue all the time with my husband about the evil nature of Carmen sometimes. He says its not true, that she is an angel. I say, "yes, whose halo, is held up by horns". It is true and now I have the pictures to prove it.....exhibit 1: The horns are pointed out for your convienience by the red arrows.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun bathing.... something, I personally do not partake in. I mean I go OUT in the sun, but I dont sit or lay in it just to do it, because Im pale, and I burn....Carmen, on the other hand has been known to push objects, such as laptops, or what have you onto the floor, if the sliver of sun is on the couch or side table, and she wants it. She really is like a lizard, maybe I should buy her one of those heat rocks, or a heat lamp...I better not suggest it, then she will be demanding it. She will do ANYTHING to get into the sun as it beams its way into the room. She has even pushed her brother out of the way of HER sunshine. Absolutely nothing is safe. Here is a picture of her engaged in one of her favorite activities. That other dog in there is her brother (*lowering voice to whisper* he is MY dog Joey, and I LOVE him, my husband thinks Carmen is HIS, but she will be owned by no one, HE is HERS)...this is where she can usually be found, that and guarding her food dish (a whole 'nother post on its own).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Komoto Dragon-Wiener Dog link...

...I think there really is one. You would too if you saw what I saw the other day on Animal Planet. Here's the deal, put food out and you will see the similarity...its glaring. This show was showing this pack (?warren,flock, pride, gaggle, whatever you call Komoto dragons en mass) of Komotos and they had put some prey or food or whatever out, and these things came running. I sat watching it, and I actually said: "AWWWWWW". They are big ugly lizards, and Im having a cute episode over them...and I was confused until I became conscious of the weight against my leg..her majesty. Then it all made sense (to me anyway and maybe to my two loyal readers, because they understand the corn chip thing after all). When I put the food out for the dogs, Carmen comes running and LOOKS LIKE A KOMOTO DRAGON RUNNING FOR FOOD. Im serious....Think about it...low to the ground, with little short bowed legs, and long bodies. They are related, Im convinced now.

Your party...but Im in charge!

When you are lucky enough to have a doxie, you come to the realization that nothing is really about YOU or anyone else in the about them, just ask them! It was S's birthday and as you can see in the picture, it was really Carmen that was in charge and in control. It was HER day because they are ALL her days and the sooner us common folk realize that, the better off we we ALL be...oh, and those toys...hers. It all belongs to her, we are simply allowed to use it.