Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Lettr to naybors weth catz

Deer naybors acros the stret,

Yor catz r bugging me. U hav two miny, they r evryware and r vary noizy. If I culd get out ov my howse by myself I wuld eat them. They wacke me up at nite becuz they fite, and it frustrats me becuz I cant git them. Plees put them in the howse, or send them away. If U do not, then I will hav to go to extreems. U dont want that, do U?

Carmen, the Wiener Princess.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Because Im completely nuts, Im always pondering our next dog. We used to be a three dog house, and occasionly up to a five dog house (if you count rescues we bring in and rehome), and so Im not beyond adding another dog to the family.

This is something my OCD brain loves to obsess about, even though it may not become reality any time soon. My husband says our plate is FULL. And he is probably right. It doesnt stop me from dreaming however.

I have been studying dog breeds since I was able to read. Ive changed my mind a million times over the coarse of my life on what I want. Well, because I like almost all of them. I KNOW they arent all good for children and without going into detail I HATE when people insinuate that I dont know.

Im not sure why all this even matters because for years now we havent CHOSEN our dogs anyway, we rescued them and fell in love and kept them. It just HAPPENED, and aside from some food guarding and JRT crazy jumping, and puppy hating...things have been great. We LOVE our dogs. Although we will more than likely accidently end up with another of some unknown type, I like to dream and obsess about what I would choose If I got to choose. The other possibility (a rather strong one) is that we will just go to a shelter and get one. One thing I dream about doing is going on a trip to the Best Friends Animal Society and getting a dog there.

In the meantime I will humor myself....The kids and I have been watching a lot of Breed All About it and Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, so we have been eyeing all kinds of breeds. Some of my favorites are Dobermans, Rottweilers (I am a previous Rottie owner, so I know all about them), and Bull Terriers..you know breeds that have received bad reps due to misinformation, bad breeding, bad handling etc. I also like Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a various assortment of Hounds (my favorite AKC group, by the way). If we ever did do this of course I would study them even further before making a final decision. Im just sayin....Im obsessing and its fun. Of course more wiener dogs is always a possibility. Although, Id kind of like something more for the kids to romp with.

Joey will not be happy, and so I would have my work cut out for me if it was a puppy, but it can be done. Carmen wont mind because it is just one more subject for her to order around.