Monday, August 23, 2010

Im a liar and a hoarder? of the "bunny wrap" are NOT coming soon. The pre mentioned bunny wrap is now ripped to shreds. Its missing an eye and it is no longer very white. The inside "warming" thing has been tossed in the interest of safety. Why you ask?

The reason is black and tan with I what I swear is a mouth with three rows of teeth in a shark. You can hear his snapping teeth down the hall way when he is playing...

He is nine months old and we have had him for about five of these months. His name is Rocky and yes, I am nuts. Thank you. He is weiner (a standard this time) and so now we have THREE wiens and one terrier. We are done. I swear, we are......

Oh and the princess? She loooooves him. She is in love. Ok, and so I am I.


Mom said...

You ARE nuts! But weiners are like chips. You can't just have one. I'm jealous...I'd like a black and tan to go with my sable.