Saturday, October 3, 2009

Countdown to weiner princess's racing debut.

Well, the princess is insisting that she is included in weiner dog races that are happening across the country this month. Next week we will be pushing aside football and soccer games to indulge her majesty. She will be racing. Or at least she we will be there participating in her own little way. I'll eat my own face if she actually runs towards the finish line. Tom says she will cause a ruckus..and I am agreeing with that.

Im thinking bringing a guinea pig or hamster or kitten to the finish line may just intice her to actually run towards the finish line. I think thats probably against the rules though. Whatever happens it will be interesting. All proceeds go to the area animal shelter, so thats good.

So seven more does one prepare a weiner dog for a race? The answer to that is you dont. Even if there was a way, there is no way to get them to comply, their stubborness is as thick as their squatty little paws.


Heather Cherry said...




I can't stand it. Listen to me... you HAVE to get video of it. I mean it. HAVE to.

Maybe you should try putting a badger at the finish line? LOL.

obladi oblada said...

HC: I will definitely get a video. and post it.right.away. I owe the world that much...after all what a wonderful gift to give the world...videos of her majesty.

I know, a badger would be perfect! I really do think a small rodent in a cage would do the trick. Because I KNOW she wont run to be running to all the other dogs or whatever her nose is telling her is interesting.