Saturday, April 25, 2009

Its all about me (and if its not, it will be)

So, I have posted a little video to show how her majesty will direct any attention to her, no matter what else is going on. In the video our rescue Bailey and my dog Joey are playing tug of war. Its very cute, and Bailey's pup Lucy is there as well as Marco, who is in the background avoiding action as usual. So, there are five dogs in the house, and evidentally Carmen must resort to feighning choking to get our attention off the "others" and onto her. You know what? It worked...she became the center of attention; thought the camera was not ON her, it was away from the others...she won, as she usually does.


Heather Cherry said...

Did hubby say, "You smell funny" to Carmen? LOL. It's so cute how they honk like gooses when they get choked like that.

obladi oblada said...

Yeah, thats what he said. He was probably only smelling corn chips though. She is a little piggy sometimes, and she drinks or eats too fast. Oh love the new profile pic too!

Heather Cherry said...

I figured he must've been smelling her paws, lol.

Thanks! It's gonna be a sort of "In Memoriam" thing because I'm about to chop the hair on Wednesday.

Nan-Nan said...

Hey O/O!

Ahahaha! When they cough, it is the FUNNIEST thing, isn't it?! Love her little heart. She is just so pretty. I love her coloring!