Saturday, April 4, 2009

Your party...but Im in charge!

When you are lucky enough to have a doxie, you come to the realization that nothing is really about YOU or anyone else in the about them, just ask them! It was S's birthday and as you can see in the picture, it was really Carmen that was in charge and in control. It was HER day because they are ALL her days and the sooner us common folk realize that, the better off we we ALL be...oh, and those toys...hers. It all belongs to her, we are simply allowed to use it.


Heather's Mom said...

Incoming message for Her Majesty from the black and tan ham hock Prince that rules our household:

All Hail the Copper Beauty! That's right, Your Royal Red Beautifulness. I see you let them in on the Doxie Moxie Motto-

"What's yours is MINE.
What's Mine is MINE,
Get used to it."

Wise decision, you Majestic Luscious Link, you. When I decide to take what is rightfully mine (such as a dropped sock, a forgotten dryer sheet, or anything made of paper...)and my people start begging me to give it back- well they can just TALK TO THE PAW. IT'S MINE! ALWAYS MINE!!! Glad to see YOU RULE with a cute little iron stubbie, Queenie!!! Keep up the cursory barks......they let all who are around you know YOU are still in charge!
Your adoring Love Hound, Deuce

obladi oblada said...

Duece, thank you. Thats very kind of you. And yes...the motto, it is engraved on my dish, my collar, my bed, and my tiara!

Heather Cherry said...

O. M. G.

Totally wanna nibble on that left front paw.

And her face is all, "I dare ya. I DARE ya to even try and take MY toys."