Tuesday, May 5, 2009

La Reina dice, "Feliz Cinco De Mayo"

She claims just did this "for the children"..she actually hates anything that might provoke the presence of salsa, because then she has to guard her cornchip smelling paws. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!


Heather Cherry said...


I mean.



Everything about this is cuteness personified. Or... um... dog-ified.

Oh man, salsa on da paws. Oh man...

Nan-Nan said...

THAT is about the CUTEST thing I have seen in I don't KNOW when!!!! She is muy bonita!!!!! What a GREAT photo op! Way to go O-O!

obladi oblada said...

HC: Pretty hard to handle isnt it. I know, I know.

Thanks NN. Yeah, it was taken back before I had nothing but time on my hands....I need to just follow her around more with a camera or a video she is just a ham.

Mom said...

Ole! What a festive outfit Carmen has on.