Thursday, March 26, 2009

Segment One, Segment Two

So, one of the joys in the life of someone who gets to reside in the same house as the princess is the stretch. The doxie stretch is like no other doggie stretch. Why? Because it lasts longer. Its divided see, first she leans back and stretchers her little front stubs, to which everyone in the house says out loud:


Then she leans foward, lowering her pelvis to the ground, much like a yoga move, and stretches the back half of her body, and everybody says:


Its quite the family event. Even the six year old boy says it. He's not sure what a segment is, but its what we say...I wish I had a picture of the two stages of stretch. Perhaps that will be a project, if her majesty approves, that is.


Heather Cherry said...

LOL, segments. That's hilarious. You need to take a video clip of it. It's like they're saying, "Hey, didya know I'm long? Lemme show you juuuuuuuust how looooooooooong I really am."

Heather's Mom said...

If you have ever seen a weenie dog stretch, then you realize why they made a SLINKY DOG. They don't have a back bone,they have a big ol' coil in there that enables the the downward-facing dog stretch. The weenie dog INVENTED yoga, for Pete's sake. Doesn't everyone KNOW that?! They have the art of relaxing and stretching down to a fine science. Face it, Obladi- you know Her Highness would stretch a mile, but then she would just have to walk back. Naw, forget that. You would just end up having to pick her up , place her on her perfectly-fluffed down feather pillow and bear her back unto her palace. Because, after all, she is QUEEN.

PS- Love the Cursory Bark. It's like I am reading about His Hiney-ness(Deuce's secondary nomenclature because his tiny butt is so darn cute!)in black and white!!! You slay me, you really do.

obladi oblada said...

HC: I think I will try to capture this on video, with her written consent of course...I know, they are such show offs.

HC'S M: Thats it! I couldnt remember the name of that stretch. Dont know, should have been easy right? And you are right, I should have just asked her what pose that was...but she would have just lied anyway...

LOL on the picking her up. Do you have stairs? We do and she'll walk up on or two and then just stop. And wait. We will actually walk back down the stairs to pick her up and carry her up. You cant ignore it either, their eyes BORE into the back of your head, right?

PS. I totally understand the bit about the cute Hiney. We call her "sugar britches".
I like His Hiney-ness!