Thursday, March 26, 2009

The cursory bark...

Im not even sure if that is the right word or not, cursory. I suppose if I was a good wiener princess servant I would look it up, but the truth is I just LIKE to say it. It seems to fit.

Anyway the princess, is oh so important in her eyes (and everyone else's under this roof) that she does a cursory bark the minute she steps paw out on the deck. The door opens, she waddles her way out, and before there is even TIME to see or hear something that may be disturbing to her, she barks. Every.time. Just one bark. Her little red butt clears the door way and you could bet your right eyeball its going to happen: Yap.

Just once. THEN she goes down the stairs (her escalator is not finished yet) and goes about her doggie business, whatever that may entail at the time.

This cursory bark is like an announcement really. It says:

Hello World, I am here. All is well...carry on.


Heather Cherry said...

She is so friggin' cute.

Deuce likes to "patrol the perimeter." He goes back to the fenceline at Mom and Dad's house and runs along the whole length checking that things are secure and all.

obladi oblada said...

LOL...they crack me up.